Deprived of freedom director and custodians who allowed the flight of three Mexicans

They deprive the director in charge and seven guards of the Ministry of Prison Services of their alleged connection with the escape of three Mexicans serving their sentences at the training center of Simón Bolívar New Men (known as La Planta), located in the parish paradise of Caracas .

The incident occurred on the night of June 28, when an armed man threatened one of the guards, after walking to the door of the enclosure to check who had knocked on the door.

Immediately, two other foreigners entered by climbing a side wall of the building and submitted the other officials stationed on the spot.

Later, they left with the three Mexican defendants and fled to an unknown destination.

In these circumstances, the persons in question were arrested and placed under the direction of the public prosecutor.

At the presentation hearing, the prosecutors of the Chamber of Deputies of the metropolitan city of Caracas (AMC) blamed the director Valentín Angarita Pineda and the guards Eyiber Zuleivy Chacón de Sánchez and José Manuel Guaparuma Tovar for crimes of escape and favored association.

Similarly, these criminal types were pre-qualified for Enderson Alexander Estrada Vielma, Manuel Andrés Chacón Sojo, Rosaura Rojas, Rainer Jose Araujo Blanco and Yerick Rafael Liendo Smith.

These crimes are envisaged in the Penal Code and the Organic Law against organized crime and the financing of terrorism.

Once the convictions disclosed by the prosecutor’s office were assessed, the 39th CMA Control Tribunal imposed the detention order against the eight officials, who were sent to the headquarters of the unit. investigations, scientific investigations and criminal investigations (CICPC). , located on Urdaneta Avenue in Caracas.

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