Brazilian police release twelve Chinese women who were forced into prostitution

Twelve Chinese women forced to prostitute themselves in an evening establishment located in the center of Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, were released Wednesday by the police as part of an operation that allowed the capture of a person , official sources said.

The women, who do not speak Portuguese and who entered Brazil as tourists, were found in the funds of a karaoke shop located in the downtown area of ​​Bom Retiro, where they lived and met the needs. of their clients, according to the state’s civilian police. Sao Paulo.

The arrested man, also of Chinese origin and apparently director of the establishment, had in his possession the passports of the women.

For what they could explain to the police with the help of a translator in Mandarin, the women said they had gone to Brazil with the promise of false jobs and that the person who had received them had kept their passport and forced them to prostitute themselves.

The case of human trafficking in white began to be investigated a couple of weeks ago when one of the women managed to inform her family in China of her situation using the mobile phone. one of his clients.

The case was reported to the police in China, who contacted the Sao Paulo Civil Police and provided information available to his relatives.

Although the police planned to register the facility in the afternoon of Wednesday, she had to anticipate the operation and execute it in the morning because he had received information that the cousin of one of the women had appeared in the vicinity looking for information about your family member

Although the establishment, identified by a sign in Chinese in which it announced “entertainment,” worked like karaoke, it was apparently only a facade for the prostitution sector.

The police reported that, as a first step, an investigation had been opened for the crime of sexual favors, but that they could be prosecuted if it was proved that women had been prevented from leaving the institution.

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