November 12, 2019

Johnny Depp’s Dior Sauvage advert pulled over ‘racial insensitivity’

According to reports, Johnny Depp’s latest announcement for the Dior Sauvage colony has been withdrawn by the brand after receiving a violent reaction for being “racially insensitive.”

The short film, which appeared on social media accounts, was criticized for its use of Native American culture.

The video was part of a campaign for Sauvage, which Johnny has been the face since 2015 after signing a rumored $ 5 million deal.

In it, the star of Pirates of the Caribbean is seen with a poncho playing the guitar, while other scenes show a Native American man performing a traditional dance and a dark-haired model with long hair appears dressed as a Native American.

Dior was also criticized in 2017 for an ad published with Johnny with the motto “wild at heart” following the news of his separation with Amber Heard.

The announcement, entitled “We are the land” and was made with Native American consultants, was removed after the luxury fashion house faced a violent reaction hours after being published on Friday.

He was called on social networks for cultural misappropriation and for being insensitive.

Mirror Online has contacted the representatives of Dior and Johnny Depp for comments.

An angry person wrote: “Dior advertising executive: let’s take a new perfume to introduce to indigenous people and call it” Sauvage. “Senior vice president of marketing: Sounds great, but how can we make it even more racist? Advertising executive: easy , we will say that it has “oriental tones”.

Another said: “Then … (scratches) a French luxury brand house really thought it would be a good idea to announce its middle market perfume called” Sauvage “showing an indigenous man dancing with a ceremonial attire.”

“All the perfume in the world that you believe will never be enough to cover the stench and savagery of what your people committed against the indigenous peoples of these lands.”

According to Mail Online, Native American consultant Ron ‘Looking Elk’ Martinez, who worked on the ad with Dior, wrote in a now deleted Instagram post:

“Cultural appropriation for us is a great thing because we have been dealing with this since colonization. Our presence in this project is really to help. So for us to make sure that the appearance and identity are authentic is very important.”

The name of the perfume, which has been part of the company’s fragrance line since 1960, was also subject to scrutiny for its translation.

It has a variety of meanings, including wild, virgin and wild.

Depp previously claimed that he had ancestry of Native Americans and said in an interview that his great grandmother grew up in Cherokee and “was quite indigenous.”

Others defended the writing of the ad: “It’s not wild, it’s wild. The old French meaning is wild and untamed. In Norman, a wild forest. Some are so anxious to be perpetually offended that you are making life stink. Stop! And, if you’re going to fuck at least, learn about it. “

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